• HP1240_Pouch_Laminator_3.jpg HP1240_Pouch_Laminator_2.jpg

    HP 1240 12" Pouch Laminator

    From the HP family of laminating machines, the HP 1240 is the most professional laminator. Compared to the HP 940, the major difference is its size, which makes it perfect...
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  • HP940_Pouch_Laminator_2.jpg HP940_Pouch_Laminator_2.jpg

    HP 940 9" Pouch Laminator

    The HP 940 is unique because of its modern functions and its fast laminating speed. This small laminator fits anywhere. It’s perfect to have at home to laminate your most...
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  • HP 1220 12" Pouch Laminator HP 1220 12" Pouch Laminator

    HP 1220 12" Pouch Laminator

    The HP 1220 is an upgrade from the HP 920 laminator. This laminating machine has a larger size and will fit perfectly in your office space. The biggest difference between this...
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  • HPLaminator-920_RClosed.jpg HP-Laminator_LS3.jpg

    HP 920 9" Pouch Laminator

    The HP 920 is a small laminator that is perfect for your home or small business. If you’re looking for a good quality laminator that is simple to use, then this must be...
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