Interchangeable Die/Heavy Duty Binding Machines

  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd7700-14-inch-table-top-electric-punch rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd7700-14-inch-table-top-electric-punch

    Rhino-O-Tuff ONYX HD7700

    Rhin-O-Tuff, the leader in the industry is proud to present the HD7700 Onyx, the biggest and most heavy-duty table top binding punch in the market. Astonishing patented auto reverse feature preventing any jamming in the punch. Before a jam can occur,...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-hd7000-onyx-14-inch-open-ended-table-top-electric-punch-image-1 rhin-o-tuff-hd7000-onyx-14-inch-open-ended-table-top-electric-punch-image-2

    Rhino-O-Tuff ONYX HD7000

    The Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx series presents a premium electric open-ended table top punch that is convenient with a stylish look. Design from a heavy-duty metal fabrication, the HD7000 Onyx is constructed for long-lasting life. It has an impressive 14 inch...
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  • hd6500-lg1

    Rhino-O-Tuff ONYX HD6500

    The Rhin-O-Tuff HD-6500 Onyx is a 14 inch open-ended punch that features a two bolt EZ change slide out die system for changing punch patterns in two minutes or less. The HD6500 can punch up to 40 sheets or up to 80 pages of 20 pound (80 gsm) bond...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-od4012-11-inches-electric-punch rhin-o-tuff-onyx-od4012-11-inch-electric-punch-image-1

    Rhino-O-Tuff ONYX OD4012

    Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx OD4012, the premium efficient open-ended punch machine. 11 inch, A4 size, dies with the open sides design for wider sheet punch freedom. The OD4012 features a user friend and easy "Paper to Pin" construction, creating a well-balanced...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd7500h-24-inches-open-ended-horizontal-electric-punch

    Rhino-O-Tuff ONYX HD7500

    Can't find the right punching machine to meet your large documents demand? Rhin-O-Tuff HD7500H Onyx, with a 24 inch open-ended punch is the perfect solution for your problem. Superior open ended punching design will allow the usage with a much wider...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-apes-14-automatic-paper-ejector-and-stacker-image-1_1

    Rhino-O-Tuff APESONYX

    Upgrade your work productivity and Rhin-O-Tuff HD Punch with the Onyx APES-14. The Automatic Paper Ejector and Stacker (APES) module create a one smooth motion of punch, eject and stack operation. The APES-14 easily attaches to your HD7700, HD7000 or...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-pal-14-piks-a-lift-electric-paper-separator-image-1 rhin-o-tuff-onyx-pal-14-piks-a-lift-electric-paper-separator-image-2

    Rhino-O-Tuff PAL-14ONYX

    Looking for an innovative and revolutionary addition to your already heavy-duty Rhin-O-Tuff HD or OD? Search no more, the Onyx PAL-14 takes electric paper separating into another level. The action packed automatic paper lifter can work with various...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-pal-m-piks-a-lift-manual-paper-lifter-image-1 rhin-o-tuff-onyx-pal-m-piks-a-lift-manual-paper-lifter-image-2

    Rhino-O-Tuff PALM-ONYX

    Have numerous reports with little time to punch and bind? Rhin-O-Tuff understands the importance of deadlines. The PAL-M Piks-A-Lift manual paper lift is that additional upgrade that will create a more efficient and productive work environment. With...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd4170-electric-12-inch-coil-inserter-image-10_1 rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd4170-electric-12-inch-coil-inserter-image-8

    Rhino-O-Tuff 4170ONYX

    Designed from the best, heavy-duty metal, Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4170 also known as Rhin-O-Roll, provides a fast coil insertion for all pitches and diameters. HD4170 is fully equipped with 12 inch dual powered rollers, with an adjustable lower roller...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-ci3000-electric-coil-inserter-image-1 rhin-o-tuff-ci3000-electric-coil-inserter-image-2

    Rhino-O-Tuff E4100ONYX

    The Rhin-O-Tuff HD-e4100 Electric Econ-O-Roll Spiral Coil inserter is very similar to its larger brother the HD4170. With a patented gripping roller and adjustable lower roller, the HD-e4100 can be used as a stand alone coil inserter or can be used in...
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  • rhin-o-tuff-onyx-hd8000-14-inch-manual-flat-bar-wire-closer-image-1

    Rhino-O-Tuff HD8000ONYX

    Rhin-O-Tuff is proud to introduce a brand new Onyx line, a stylish black binding machines and modules. The Onyx HD8000 Flat Bar Wire Closer has a wide range of capability and easy to use setting. It offers a a wide, open-ended 14 inch legal size...
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  • onyx-hd8370

    Rhino-O-Tuff 8370ONYXCE

    Eliminate the manual insertion of wire into documents by switching to the Rhin-O-Tuff 14" Semi-Automatic Wire Inserter and Closer. The perfect 3-1 Pitch double-loop binding wire closer can be adjusted to varies sizes from 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch. 14...
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