Electric Paper Cutters

  • akiles-bookletmac-semi-automatic-booklet-maker akiles-bookletmac-semi-automatic-booklet-maker

    Akiles BookletMac

    With the New Akiles BookletMac, you can create professionally-made booklet publications in the comfort of your own shop/office, and keep the extra saving in your pocket. The BookletMac is fast and easy to use, allowing you to produce up to 800 booklets...
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  • akiles-full-bleed-cardmac-plus-electric-business-card-slitter

    Akiles CardMac Plus

    The Akiles Full Bleed CardMac Plus Electric Business Card Slitter has a continues motor-driven blades that will allow operator to produce over 30 business cards per minute. It cuts and slits 10 full bleed business cards from letter size sheet. Also...
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  • akiles-cardmac-pro-electric-business-card-slitter akiles-cardmac-pro-electric-business-card-slitter

    Akiles CardMac Pro

    Quickly create your own custom business cards at a low cost with this Akiles CardMac Pro Electric Business Card Slitter. The CardMac Pro cuts and slits 10 full bleed business cards from a 8.5" x 11" letter-size sheet. It also cuts standard 3.5" x 2"...
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