Corner Rounders

  • akiles-diamond-1-corner-rounding-machine akiles-diamond-1-corner-rounding-machine

    Akiles Diamond-1

    The Akiles Diamond 1 corner rounding machine is one of the strongest and most efficient manual corner rounding machines in its class. If you are looking for a professional and consistent result this corner rounding machine is for you. The round...
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  • akiles-diamond-5-commercial-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine akiles-diamond-5-commercial-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine

    Akiles Diamond-5

    The Akiles Diamond 5 Electric Corner Rounding machine is the ideal machine for the high-demand and heavy-duty jobs required by large industrial operations. Carefully crafted with an all-metal construction, heavy-duty motor, and with the ability to...
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  • akiles-diamond-6-heavy-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine akiles-diamond-6-heavy-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine

    Akiles Diamond-6

    Akiles Diamond 6, heavy-duty electric corner rounding machine is the premium equipment that can handle the highest demands. With the capability to handle up to 600 sheets of documents, it ensures increase productivity in any office environment. The...
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  • akiles-diamond-7-heavy-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine akiles-diamond-7-heavy-duty-electric-corner-rounding-machine

    Akiles Diamond-7

    Looking for a high industrial corner rounding machine? The Akiles Diamond 7 is a heavy-duty electric corner rounding machine that is capable to handle up to 700 sheets at one time. It features a detachable pressing bar which will secure the documents...
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