Cold Pouch Board

Polar Cold Pouch Boards

The 'all in one' Mounting & Laminating Board

cold pouch board

Cold Pouch Boards are cold self-stick adhesive coated boards with attached laminate film. These are used to mount and laminate prints in one process without any set-up for fast and professional results. Patent Applied. 

Polar Pouch Boards are used for the most popular displays  
Over-laminate prints to protect you prints from moisture and handling.   Lamination also enhances prints.  Choose gloss film to make colors 'pop' or matte finishes to minimize glare.

For outdoor displays we recommend out corrugated plastic pouch boards.  Corrugated plastic has flutes which work with Step-Stakes to place in ground for short-term requirements.

For high end displays we have Gator Cold Pouch Board.  Gator is rugged and holds up to repeated handling and transport.  It is also very flat and does not bow.

Cold Pouch Boards feature  

  • Available in foam, gator, and corrugated plastic
  • Choose from gloss or matte finishes
  • 1/4" leading edge where film is attached to board
  • One piece construction for ease of use

Easy to Display  Cold Pouch Boards are light weight and easy to hang and display.  We have 3M Mounting squares which remove cleanly from walls, self-stick easels and hanging hardware.

How to use Polar Pouch Boards

pouch board1. Lift over-laminate film from board and place your print on the board. 







2. Holding film up or lay film forward over the top roller (shown), process print through laminator to adhere film to the surface of your print.



pouch board3. Raise your laminated print off the board and remove coversheet to expose adhesive on the board.




pouch board

4. Roll your laminated print down either through a laminator or by hand.  Display your mounted and laminated print  and trim if necessary.  Attach display hardware and display